After nearly a decade working in marketing and design, I started FOS in 2020 from my apartment as a way to express my different inspirations and convey my passion for creating sensory experiences that are familiar, spark delight, and enhance every space.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve used scent to alter my mood or take me to a certain place in my mind. My journey with FOS began with an obsessive path of discovery and study of fragrance and candle making. Therein was born a line of premium products that are clean burning, plant-based, and infused with high quality oils. 

My designs and fragrance blends are an embodiment of what I’m most inspired by, and nostalgic memories. I seek inspiration mostly from music - my most cherished art form, but also from several of my travels, in the hope of exuding the thrill and pleasure of experiencing a new place in the world for the first time. I am also deeply influenced by interior design and a desire to create spaces that are inviting and memorable. 

I place importance on sustainability and value careful ingredient selection and responsibly sourced materials. Everything is crafted in-house and made in small batches to ensure the highest quality, freshness and efficacy. There is slow design, craftsmanship, and purpose in every product.