Before getting started, please read through all of the instructions and ensure you have all the materials needed.

Supplies needed from home:
  • Large pot for boiling water
  • Small heat proof pitcher for wax
  • Kitchen or candy thermometer

You're all set!



1. Remove the backing from your wick sticker and place the sticky end onto the base of your wick, press firmly.
2. Remove the backing from the other side of sticker and place

the wick down in the centre of your jar. Press firmly by using your wooden stir stick.

3. Pour wax into your heatproof pitcher and set aside. Pour a few inches of water into a large pot and heat on medium-low. Add your heatproof pourer into the pot of water.

4. Check the temperature of the wax while occasionally stirring to make sure it does not overheat. Do not leave the wax unattended.


5. Once wax reaches 158° F/70°  C, turn off the heat. Make sure not to overheat.



6. Remove pitcher from the pot and let cool. Once it reaches 122° F/50° C, add the fragrance blend into the wax and slowly stir for 1 minute using the wooden stir stick.



7. Carefully pour the wax into the glass jar.


8. Gently place the wick through the center of the clothespin and make sure your wick is centered.


9. Allow your candle to cool overnight at room temperature.



10. Once the candle is completely cooled, apply the label.


11. Trim your wick to 1/4 inches.
12. Your candle is ready to be lit. However, the longer you wait before lighting it, the more it'll cure and stronger it'll smell.



Clean your wax pitcher with hot water on a cloth or paper towel while it is still a little warm. Use warm soapy water to scrub out any leftover wax.   

Candle safety

Never leave burning candles unattended or in the reach of flammable objects, children or pets.

Full safety instructions are on your warning label, please read and follow carefully.