SLOW LIGHT: This mellow blend combines earthy, woodsy, and citrusy notes of cannabis, amber, grapefruit and lemon. Burn while playing an old favourite record and let the nostalgia pour right in.

WILDFIRE: A bold aroma that’s reminiscent of sitting by the fire with a toasty beverage in hand. Notes of smoke are balanced with animalic and floral nuances of honey, and a rich hint of leather.

ON BLUE MOUNTAIN: A fresh, aromatic blend with notes of eucalyptus, tangerine, and frankincense to inspire and revitalize. Crafted to elicit the solace of being amongst nature, to bring the outdoors in. Also comes as a room spray.

SWEET TIDES: Take a trip to the seaside in the comfort of your own home with the scent of sea salt, geranium, and sandalwood. Aquatic, floral, and rich balsamic notes spur feelings of an escape under the Mediterranean sun.

PILLOW TALK: A soft and subtle scent for romantics. Featuring floral notes of rose and ylang ylang, and citrusy petitgrain. Burn while you lay tangled up in sheets on a lazy morning. Also comes as a room spray.

INTO THE MYSTIC: A mystical blend inspired by the Californian desert. Featuring notes of palo santo, lemongrass, lime, and patchouli to awaken the senses and take you on a multi-sensory journey. Also comes as a room spray.

BRIGHT EYES: An uplifting, mood-boosting scent with woodsy and citrusy notes. Includes peppermint, juniper berry, balsam fir, and bergamot. Inspired by forest bathing or forest therapy, translated from the Japanese term "shinrin-yoku", which involves taking in the forest through the senses. Also comes as a room spray.

LITTLE DREAMER: A dreamy, velvety scent to help you drift away to that peaceful place in your mind. Floral lavender and sweet citrus neroli create an instant calm, with a touch of creamy vanilla as a base.


SPARKS: A lush and alluring scent that will light a fire inside you. The notes start with a sweet and seductive jasmine. At the heart of it is a warm and slightly powdery labdanum, ending with a layer of agarwood.

ASHES TO ASHES: For those daydreaming days when the sunlight weaves through the curtains and there's nowhere to be. Fresh and crisp yuzu and green galbanum are contrasted by dry and smoky vetiver, for a balanced yet intoxicating scent.

HOLY SMOKE: A warm, grounding, and tranquil mélange of blood orange, benzoin, and oakmoss. Time moves slow while ribbons of citrus, earthy and woodsy notes swirl into the air.