Holy Smoke Incense - Blood Orange, Benzoin, Oakmoss


A warm, grounding, and tranquil mélange of blood orange, benzoin, and oakmoss. Time moves slow while ribbons of citrus, earthy and woodsy notes swirl into the air.

Includes 40 cones per jar.

    • Jar contains 40 cones
    • Burn time per cone: approximately 20 minutes
    • Scent lingers for 2-3 hours, depending on room size
    • Bottom of lid makes for a suitable place to burn the cones
    • Hand dipped in Montreal
    • Place the cone on the inside of the lid or another heatproof, non-flammable burner
    • Light the tip of the cone at a slight angle
    • Allow small flame to burn for around 10-20 seconds
    • Blow on flame to extinguish, cone will have a red glow on the tip and start to smoke
    • Allow the cone to fully burn until it extinguishes itself

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